web3 camps

The Pretty Smart Foundation is kicking off its first event of 2023. These Saturday camps are for middle school-aged learners to explore the world of Blockchain, entrepreneurship, and web3.


The first session of Blockchain 0 to 1 is FREE as an introduction to the course. From the second session onward, if you would like to be a part of it, the classes begin at $450. Scholarships are available. You may apply for scholarships here: APPLICATION.


Blockchain 0 to 1 (January 21- February 25): This course is designed to introduce you to the Blockchain ecosystem; we will explore the basics of Blockchain to understand what it is, how this technology emerged, and the current and future impact on various industries.


Business Models + Entrepreneurship (March 11 – April 15): This course will allow participants to build a business model for a WEB 3.0 project. Use other tools to start a business, promote their business in social networks, communicate strategically and manage their finances.


Build Hackathon (April 28 – June 3): In 48 hours, the girls will build their projects to a minimum viable product; it can be functional or just a prototype.